You call it writer's block. Professionals call it writing.

Writer’s block is not real.

When you can’t lift a weight at the gym, you don’t say you’ve got lifter’s block. The weight is just heavy.

So, you start by lifting weights that is just slightly above your ability, so that you provide your muscles enough stress for it to grow stronger; and you slowly move up from there.

It’s the same with writing. Writing is a muscle.

The only difference is – sometimes, your writing sessions feelings effortless. Like the muse is passing right through you/ You are able to write exactly what you are thinking, just the way you want it. You are in that “zone” like all the real writer are, right?

The concept of “being in the zone” has killed more aspiring writers. than anything else. You think if you were any good at writing, every session should be like this.

But the reality is, that happens only 5% of the time. The other 95% of the time, you just sit on your chair & bleed.

That’s what turning pro is – it means you ship.

Every professional writer will confirm this.

Here’s the thing — What you are calling writer’s block, that’s what professional writers call writing.

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