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Hi, I'm Atul — I help companies define, design, and launch better digital products & distinctive brands.

Here, I explore topics I'm interested in like product design, brand strategy, marketing, philosophy, creative entrepreneurship, mental models, & more.

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    Personal Favorites

  • What Makes Great Brands Great – thoughts on building a brand that matters.
  • Designing for Delight – how to design products that delight the users.
  • Think Like a Detective — my process for ux research.
  • You call it writer's block. Professionals call it writing. — a riff on writer's block.
  • Find products for your customers — on the importance of discovery phase.
  • Start with the problem — the secret to a good research begins by formulating an interesting problem.
  • How to measure intangibles? — on deconstructing the construct.
  • Recent writings

    We are made to create

    I made a lettering piece inspired by a quote by Pamela Slim

    User experience is not about pretty interface

    The new generation of consumers are empowered, connected and have higher expectations than ever before. What should you do to stay competitive?

    Tinbergen's Four Questions

    In 1963, Nobel Prize-winning zoologist Niko Tinbergen published, On the aims and methods of ethology, in which he outlined four questions (sometimes referred to as Tinbergen’s four problems).

    Build a Latticework of Models

    It is important to have a broad range of mental models or else, you risk becoming the man with a hammer who sees nail everywhere.

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