Matt's rules for blogging

Matt Webb has been on a blogging fire lately – consistently publishing every week since the last 28 weeks (maybe more now). He recently wrote about his personal blogging rules that has helped him stay consistent this year.

Here’re some of the rules that I liked the most:

  1. One idea per post.
  2. Give up on attempting to be right.
  3. Give up on saying anything new. Most people haven’t read my old stuff. Play the hits.
  4. Give up on trying to be popular. I try not to filter myself based on what I believe will be popular. Some of my favourite posts get ignored. Some posts get popular and I have no idea why. Besides, terrible posts get buried fast if I’m posting three times a week. So post with abandon.
  5. Give up on trying to be interesting. Readers will come to my site for what’s interesting to me, or not, it’s fine, just say what I think about whatever I’m thinking about.
  6. Writing is a muscle.

His goal with these rules is simple — he wants to win over Resistance; to remove every possible excuse he can come up with not to write, to embrace imperfection, and overcome the urge to over tweak his writings to death.

I hadn’t thought about it much, but it’s funny how I operate under similar rules while writing these daily notes. I think I should come up with my own list of rules. What do you think?

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