Problem with meetings

Over the last 6 months, I’ve sat in more meetings than I’ve ever sat in my entire life. And I’ve started seeing a pattern of recurring problems in every one of them —

  1. They are unstructured leading to confused & tired attendants with no clue about what to do next.
  2. The goals are often unclear & miscommunicated which leads the team towards the wrong direction causing unnecessary overtime.
  3. Employees lose focus and momentum because of frequent changes in priorities.
  4. Decisions are made based on personal interpretations, instead of clear reasoning, which causes rework & doubts.
  5. The productivity challenges faced by the team is not addressed which builds up frustration & resentment.
  6. The loudest, most extroverted person pushes their ideas on the group, even if their ideas aren’t that great.

Conclusion – A lack of structure leads to a waste of time and energy, projects that drag on for too long, and frustrated, burnt out teams.

Why do you think this happens and how might we solve this?


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