Madness of David Lynch

David Lynch is one of the best filmmakers of this time. I watched the Twin Peaks series early this year and it still makes my heads turn. It’s his masterpiece.

Today, I stumbled upon this beautiful video showing the madness behind the screen. Here are some lines that caught my attention:

On getting ideas & embracing boredom

“Ideas are so beautiful and they’re so abstract. And they do exist someplace. I don’t know if there’s a name for it. And I think they exist, like fish. And I believe that if you sit quietly, like you’re fishing, you will catch ideas. The real, you know, beautiful, big ones swim kinda deep down there so you have to be very quiet, and you know, wait for them to come along. …

Never let good ideas go to waste.

If you catch an idea, you know, any idea, it wasn’t there and then it’s there! It might just be a small fragment, of, like I say, a feature film or a song of a lyric or whatever, but you gotta write that idea down right away. And as you’re writing, sometimes it’s amazing how much comes out, you know, from that one flash…

Listening to the muse

So, you get an idea and it is like a seed. And in your mind the idea is seen and felt and it explodes like it’s got electricity and light connected to it. And it has all the images and the feeling. And it’s like in an instant you know the idea, in an instant…

Sharing your idea with the world

Then, the thing is translating that to some medium. It could be a film idea or a painting idea or a furniture idea. It doesn’t matter. It wants to be something. It’s a seed for something. So, the whole thing is translating that idea to a medium. And in the case of film, it takes a long time and you always need to go back and stay true to that idea…”

P.S. If you haven’t watched Twin Peaks series, I highly recommend it.

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