Don't Diminish Your Soul

We all come to crossroads in our life, where we know exactly what the right path is, but we don’t take it.

Because it’s too damn hard.

But here’s the thing I’ve learned — When you do something that you know to be wrong, no matter how small, you diminish your soul. It makes you feel weaker because you know you could be more than a person who has to do that thing.

When you lie, when you do things that you know aren’t right, it demoralizes you. Because at some level, you know you shouldn’t have done that.

And the opposite is also true. The person who doesn’t go with the mob, the person who refuses to walk with the crowd, will quitely, but significantly, feel better about themselves, and will be a better person. And they will achieve more in their life, whatever that is. because they will have self respect.

If you want to hear AL Pacino riff on this topic, here’s one of my favorite scene from the movie Scent of a Woman

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