Atul Pradhananga

Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm Atul, Product Designer & UX Researcher

For the last 5 years, I've helped define, design, and launch better user experiences & distinctive brands for MNCs, bootstrapped startups, SaaS products, & everything in between.

To briefly introduce myself, I am currently at Seelogic, where I lead the design of new products, from idea to UX research to pixel-perfect execution. Prior to that, I designed brand identities, websites, & marketing materials for various national and international brands at ACT360. And before that, I was the creative director at Technorio, where I crafted the visual direction of the company from ground up. Here's my full resume.

I focus on Interaction Design, Product Strategy, and Visual Design. I thrive when collaborating on leading cross-org projects at the intersection of business strategy, branding, and product experience.

Some of my most successful projects over the years include:

Redesigned a fun learning journey & baking experience for the wannabe bakers

Crumbs App

Enhanced the event experience & increased attendee engagement for Bonhill

Concave App

Brand strategy, creative direction, & identity design for Oishii โ€” a Japanese restaurant and sake bar

Brand strategy, creative direction, & identity design for Oishii, a Japanese restaurant and sake bar located at the heart of NYC.

Branding and packaging design for Chofy

Branding and packaging design for Chofy, a chocolate brand.

Featured writings

I love learning and sharing my knowledge with the community. Here are some of my most helpful writings.

  • What Makes Great Brands Great โ€“ thoughts on building a brand that matters.
  • Designing for Delight โ€“ how to design products that delight the users.
  • Think Like a Detective โ€” my process for ux research.
  • You call it writer's block. Professionals call it writing. โ€” a riff on writer's block.
  • Find products for your customers โ€” on the importance of discovery phase.
  • How to measure intangibles? โ€” on deconstructing the construct.
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